Poetry: the best words in the best order. Samuel Taylor Coleridge


and finally …..

Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words – Edgar Allan Poe


Here are some more poems from the enviably talented Class Jacob. Hope you enjoy them!

Poetry is painting that speaks – Plutarch 46 – 120 AD


Recently we have been critically evaluating poetry. We started by looking at ‘On Flanders Fields’ and moved on to ‘Slam Poetry’ as performed by artists in New York in the 1970s. We particularly liked ‘What d’ya wanna be?’ by Wilf. In the spirit of performance poetry we learnt some of our favourite poems for homework. Here are the first eight. More to follow ….

Marseilles in Colour

Last week in Art we created some vaguely abstract watercolour pictures based on areas of Marseilles. I am sure you’ll agree they are really amazing. I have asked a couple of children for autographed copies already ….

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