Marseilles in Colour

Last week in Art we created some vaguely abstract watercolour pictures based on areas of Marseilles. I am sure you’ll agree they are really amazing. I have asked a couple of children for autographed copies already ….

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6 comments on “Marseilles in Colour

  1. Daniel Henshall says:

    These paintings look amazing,Daniel said he enjoyed this art class. From Sonia Henshall

  2. Lily lou Shipton says:

    These art picturers are ace.

  3. I agree Lily-Lou, I think you all did brilliantly. Watercolour is hard. And thank you Mrs Henshall, I think every so often art touches the heart ….. cheesy?! Good though!

  4. Oliver Beardmore says:

    I love all of them especially Toby’s because it looks so 3D!

  5. Oliver Beardmore says:

    Is it 10 pm if it is sorry mr Robinson

  6. Finn Stratford says:

    mum says she likes how mine is a dark and sort of foggy background

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