Hurray! (I think)

Exciting news! A little flashy icon just told me we have more than 20 followers. Is this good? I hope it’s lots of parents sharing learning with their children. Whomever you are, thanks for following!! More poetry soooon.

9 comments on “Hurray! (I think)

  1. Oliver Beardmore says:

    Well done Mr Robinson! 😜

  2. Oliver Beardmore says:

    Now your gonna have thirty!

  3. Oliver Beardmore says:

    Because it says twenty 9 other followers so 29+me=30! ☺️

  4. Thanks Oliver – Did you know you are now my highest rated commentator!!!! Hurrayyyyy (smiley face)

  5. Oliver Beardmore says:

    Well now that you ask no.

  6. Lily lou Shipton says:

    That is awesome.About30 did you say that is epic (: (:

  7. Oliver Beardmore says:

    You commented all night but you didn’t put lot of comments lol

  8. Toby Pass says:

    Well done Mr Robinson

  9. Oliver Beardmore says:

    Awsome AWSOME cool.

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