Light & Shadows

This half term our Science topic is light and over the past couple of weeks we have looking at light sources, and the nature and behaviour of shadows. Last week we built torches using our knowledge of circuits and electricity. This week we have put together a shadow play using puppets that we designed and made in our Art lesson.

Click on the link below to see the results of our shadow puppet making. We hope you like it!


Next week we will be starting a new Science topic/module (light) and as part of your homework this week I have set a challenge to leave a comment about this picture.

The children are talking about light; specifically light that comes from the moon and stars.   Read the children’s speech bubbles and then decide which you think is true. Then leave a comment in the comments box to tell me why you think so and we will discuss in class next week.

Thanks 😉


Have a heart

In Science today we looked at how the heart works and worked in teams against the clock to label the various parts of the heart. Here is a great link (which will be included in your children’s homework tomorrow) that shows just how the blood flows around the body and in reoxygenated  by the lungs.



Building Bridges


We have started our Science lessons this term by looking at the way bridges are built. We have considered what materials are used and how they are designed.

ImageAs you can see we are sharing our learning with Class Jacob and we really enjoyed the experience of working together.

ImageThe strongest bridge held 3.5 kg and used girders, triangular supports and rolled up paper as a strengthening device.

ImageSome groups even had a budget and so were only allowed a certain amount of ‘money’ to spend on materials.