Next week we will be starting a new Science topic/module (light) and as part of your homework this week I have set a challenge to leave a comment about this picture.

The children are talking about light; specifically light that comes from the moon and stars.   Read the children’s speech bubbles and then decide which you think is true. Then leave a comment in the comments box to tell me why you think so and we will discuss in class next week.

Thanks 😉


22 comments on “Light

  1. Daniel Henshall says:

    The sun shines so brightly that we can’t see the stars because the sun’s so bright it turns the sky blue so we can’t see the stars.
    from Dan Henshall

  2. Exactly – Well done Dan – You are the first person to comment on the blog this academic year – Thank you 😉

  3. Toby Pass says:

    The sun is so bright it is impossible to see the stars. Because the sky is blue we can’t see the White stars. The sun is so bright it makes the stars blue. So when the suns not there the sky is black and you can see the stars

  4. Toby Pass says:

    It makes the sky blue

  5. Megan Goodier says:

    The moon is not a source of light. Moon reflects light for the sun.if the sun is not there we won’t see the moon. From Megan Goodier

  6. Freya Price says:

    Mr Robinson the correct statement is -The sun shines so brightly so we can’t see the stars.
    From Freya😄

  7. Well done everybody – I wonder how many more people will comment? Let’s check on Monday morning 😉

  8. eldavies30 says:

    Hello mr Robinson,
    The statement I think is true is the fourth one because the sun shines so brightly that you can’t see the stars.
    From William Davies 😃

  9. Louise Shipton says:

    The sun reflects off the Lily-lou shipton:)

  10. ceelan says:

    The sun shines so brightly so we can’t see the stars.

    Stars do glow during the day, but we can’t see them because of the glare of sunlight. When the sun is up, the blue color in sunlight gets scattered all over the atmosphere, turning the sky the familiar bright blue color. This blue light is much brighter than the faint light coming from the stars, so it prevents us from seeing them.

    If you were standing on the Moon, for instance, where there is no atmosphere, you would see the stars both day and night.

  11. Amellia Bell says:

    Mr.Robinson the correct statement is the sun shines so brightly it cant get the reflection of the moon
    see you on Monday from Amellia Bell

  12. Charlie!! says:

    The stars are still there in the day but the sun is
    So bright you can’t see them.

  13. Finn Stratford says:

    The moon does not shine of itself. What we see is when the sun is shining on the moon and it is illuminated. So the moon is reflecting light towards us.
    From Finn 😀

  14. Oliver Beardmore says:

    The Suns light reflects on the moon. That’s why the moon isn’t a source of light😌

  15. amellia bell says:

    love the blog from amellia freya and lily

  16. Thanks everyone – well done for commenting – more pictures soooooooon

  17. Oliver Beardmore says:

    YAY I hope MrRobinsonNews never ends!

  18. Oliver Beardmore says:

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. N

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