Light & Shadows

This half term our Science topic is light and over the past couple of weeks we have looking at light sources, and the nature and behaviour of shadows. Last week we built torches using our knowledge of circuits and electricity. This week we have put together a shadow play using puppets that we designed and made in our Art lesson.

Click on the link below to see the results of our shadow puppet making. We hope you like it!

8 comments on “Light & Shadows

  1. Lily lou Shipton says:

    Love the shadow puppits. I also like these pictures of the torches.

  2. Freya,Felix,Luka says:

    We love the puppets great work class Jacob 🙂

  3. Thanks Lily-Lou and Freya. By the way, I’ve just been looking at the stats from this site and well done Freya for commenting more than everyone else who has visited!! Deffo lots of team points there (ha!) 🙂

  4. Oliver Beardmore says:

    I love the Abraham lincon one LOL. But I also like the pictures of our torches the one with Toby and Daniel is creepy! 😳

  5. Lily lou Shipton says:

    Oli I doant think that Toby and Daniel look creepy. The picture of Max gives me a funny feeling .( :

  6. Lily lou Shipton says:

    Oops posted two of my comments! (:

  7. Lily lou Shipton says:

    Oh that song is ome of my new favourite songs(:(:

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