Positive Mindset – Warrior Spirit


In class today we discussed the homework I have set. Part of the homework is to learn a poem by heart in order that we can recite it next week. We will then post them here next week.

One of our students asked if they could learn ‘a two line poem’ and, whilst I haven’t set any expectations of the length, I couldn’t help but wonder at the reasons for the question. Initially I wondered if the student was hoping to avoid a lot of ‘work’ but after asking the student, it became apparent that the poem was a particular favourite and was ‘actually four lines long’. Hmmm …

Again, whilst the poems need not be ‘long’ (and I certainly don’t want learning poetry to become a weekend chore), I am trying to encourage our children to push themselves – to engage with a positive (‘warrior spirit’) mindset. In year 6, one of our Literacy targets is spoken word performance and thus I hope to present a number of entertaining and lyrically engaging poems in a week’s time.

If it helps to encourage our children, I too will learn a poem and post it here – I’ll try to go beyond four lines. (wink)

Feel the force


If you have the chance, ask your child about our previous book – The Lost Happy Endings. I think we all enjoyed it (despite the terrifying and slightly disturbing demise of the witch) and it certainly informed our understanding of figurative language.

Our next text is the rather more contemporary ‘Strange Case of Origami Yoda’. We shall begin work on this next week and – if your local one is close – this may be the perfect opportunity to revisit your local library.


Hi – For the first 4/5 weeks of this term we will be using ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ by Carol Ann Duffy as inspiration for our writing. So far we have used it to explore figurative language (metaphor, simile and personification) and imagery. If you would like to purchase a copy for your child, the link below should take you to Amazon where used copies are available from as little as £3.11.

It’s a great book!!