Library Grand Opening

Over the past few weeks our Year 6 Library Club girls have been reinvigorating our school library. The job has involved sorting out all the books into fiction and non-fiction and redistributing the fiction books around school. The girls have also worked out a rota for Key Stage 1 children to visit the library and are currently in the process of labelling the non-fiction books in groups depending on the books’ subject matter. Their efforts have really helped transform the library and so, to celebrate, we had a grand opening on Friday. Here is a link to a video of that event – look out for our guest of honour Mr K Wood who carried the ceremonial scissors.

4 comments on “Library Grand Opening

  1. amellia bell says:

    lily looks really funny on the video love the blog

    from Amellia Bell Freya Price and Lily Lou

  2. Amellia says:

    Great video mr R love the bit where Elle said that speecch

  3. Freya,Felix,Luka says:

    Yeah I agree whither you amelliabll321 🙂

  4. Lily lou Shipton says:

    I can’t believe I’m on it .I’m so over re acting for a little operning (: (:

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