Roman soldier invades classroom!

photoHere are some pictures of the scarecrow we made for the Harvest celebration at church.

photo (1)

Class Joseph made the arms, legs and head using papier mache. Then we dressed him in battle scarred armour, gave him a shield and made a spear to complete his outfit. We are very proud of our efforts.

photo (2)

Here he is guarding the chancel at church! Can you spot the part/s your child made?

4 comments on “Roman soldier invades classroom!

  1. Nice work Class Joseph – Love the fact all your names are on the shield with your age in Roman Numerals!

  2. Kirsty Price says:

    He was indeed a fine Roman Soldier – good work boys and girls!

  3. Fantastic scarecrow. Oliver was very proud when he was telling us about this. He is enjoying the Romans topic.

  4. becky langfoed says:

    wow well done on an amazing looking roman soldier ……!!.

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